Saturday, August 01, 2015


In May 2011, Lake Health/University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center installed a Toshiba Large Bore Aquilion Computed Tomography (CT) Simulator. The CT Simulator is designed for treatment planning in the Radiation Oncology department specifically and, therefore, the CT scans are not interpreted by a Radiologist.

Radiation Treatments consist of high-energy x-rays which are delivered to a well-defined target volume. The goal is to confirm the target volume to plan the appropriate amount of radiation dose with minimal doses to surrounding healthy tissues. These images are transferred to the Dosimetrist who creates a treatment plan for approval of the Radiation Oncologist.

Once this process is completed and verified, the patient is ready to receive radiation treatments. At any time during the process of radiation planning & treatment, should a diagnostic CT scan be required, this will be scheduled in the appropriate diagnostic Radiology Department.