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TriPoint Medical Center

Lake Health TriPoint Medical Center

Four-story, 300,000 square-foot hospital was built on the belief that everything should revolve around patients and their families.

7590 Auburn Road
Concord Twp., OH 44077

Evidence-Based Design: TriPoint Medical Center* features the latest, life-saving technology and an evidence-based patient- and family-centered environment. Principles of evidence-based design—a concept that links the quality of the hospital environment to patient outcomes—have been integrated throughout the facility. From the elegant interior filled with natural light and private patient rooms with views of natural greenery and streams to the healing gardens and dedicated family areas, everything about TriPoint is designed to increase comfort and safety and speed healing.

State-Of-The-Art Technology: Digital and wireless technology is integrated throughout the hospital to speed the flow of decision-making information to medical professionals and improve the quality of care. An Electronic Health Record system and filmless, digital radiology systems provide up-to-the-minute information and fully integrate with electronic information at other Lake Health facilities.  Other technologies include:

  • IV “smart pumps” wirelessly monitor settings and sound an alert to prevent dosage errors.
  • ID bracelets are bar-coded, along with every dose of medication and every lab specimen taken at bedside. Everything is scanned and wirelessly matched at each patient encounter to ensure safety.
  • Monitors, pumps and other medical equipment can move with patients, sending continuous data wirelessly to each patient’s EHR.
  • AcuDose-Rx automated medication ordering, storage, retrieval and dispensers replace handwritten and manual processes where most medication errors occur.

Private Patient Rooms: One of the only hospitals in Northeast Ohio with all private patient rooms. All 119 rooms are divided into three zones—one for the patient, one for the family, and one for the caregiver. Rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows, a private bath, and a 42” flat panel television, which doubles as digital picture frame for soothing artwork and provides access to educational and entertainment programming.

Dedicated Family Areas: Along with 24-hour unrestricted visitation, every patient room includes a “family zone” with sleeper sofa and Internet access, and every floor offers “nourishment nooks” and glassed-in respite areas where visitors can de-compress, renewing body and spirit amid natural light and outdoor views.  Inside and out, space is set aside to help families cope with the stress of a loved one’s hospitalization: a Meditation Room with a relaxing water feature, a fireside seating area, an outdoor healing garden with water sculpture, courtyard dining with waterfall and a rotating art gallery.

Hotel-Like Amenities: Concierge services and restaurant style dining

Family Birthing Unit: Elegant, state-of-the-art Family Birthing Unit with 14 LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum) rooms, two antepartum rooms, four pre-term testing rooms, two surgical suites and two recovery beds plus a newborn nursery. The unit also features a Level II nursery with six private rooms for special care newborn babies. These rooms will have space for parents to stay in the room after discharge plus a family lounge where they can prepare meals, shower, wash clothes and watch television.

Efficient Emergency Care: With features such as 22 private treatment rooms, separate entrances for walk-in patients and ambulances, and staff communication devices to reduce noise, TriPoint’s Emergency Department was built with patient treatment and family support as a top priority. In an effort to efficiently care for patients, TriPoint features a Thru Care Area where patients are promptly seen and, through clinical testing, are taken to the appropriate area of the department. This process ensures that both high- and low-acuity patients are treated immediately. A six-bed Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) allows doctors to care for patients whose clinical diagnosis isn’t confirmed. Patients are monitored in the CDU for 23 hours and are either admitted to an inpatient bed or discharged.

Accredited Chest Pain Center: This prestigious accreditation from the Society of Chest Pain Centers, recognizes that the hospital’s protocol driven and systematic approach to patient management allows physicians to reduce time to treatment during the critical early stages of a heart attack, when treatments are most effective and result in better patient outcomes.

Cardiac Diagnostic Services: Includes a state-of-the art cardiac catheterization laboratory, cardiac electrophysiology, echocardiography, electrocardiography, stress testing and holter monitoring.

Diagnostic Imaging Services: Features the most state-of-the-art imaging technology available, including X-ray; fluoroscopy; nuclear medicine; 16 slice and 64-slice CT scan; ultrasound machines that integrate ultrasound imaging with CT and MRI technologies; and 1.5 tesla MRI featuring a shorter bore that is also larger in diameter and “Pianissimo” technology, which muffles the loud banging sounds emitted by the MRI. Imaging rooms also feature plenty of ventilation and illuminated artwork on the ceiling. Having this depth of imaging technology available in one location will not only save patients time, but it will also offer more accurate interpretation. And with Lake Health’s Veriphy critical test results software system, physicians can expect faster communication of test results.

Women’s Diagnostic Center: To meet the unique health care needs of women, a dedicated women’s center provides diagnostic services such as digital mammography, bone densitometry (DEXA, or bone density testing) and biopsies using stereotactic imaging or biopsies guided by ultrasound. The Center is also equipped to provide pelvic or obstetrical ultrasounds. Nearby, the department provides MRI imaging and breast biopsies guided by ultrasound, X-ray and MRI, an emerging field that has only recently been made available outside research settings.

Perioperative Department: Features six state-of-the-art “integrated” operating rooms,26 pre- and post-op rooms; 12 post-anesthesia care unit rooms; and a family waiting area featuring a HIPAA-compliant patient tracking board where families can track their loved ones’ progress through a procedure, two consultation rooms, an Internet café and a children’s play area.

Art Work: More than 300 pieces comprise the TriPoint collection, which features original paintings, photographs, metal and glass sculptures, textiles, and outdoor sculptures created primarily by Ohio artists. Each unique work of art was carefully chosen to help reduce stress, improve outcomes, and aid in way finding.

Healing Gardens: Studies have proved that access to nature enhances an individual’s recovery rate. To that end, TriPoint includes several gardens featuring a wide variety of lush plants, water features and sculptures—all designed to bring a sense of calm to patients, visitors, physicians and staff. TriPoint features a Welcome Garden, Healing Garden, Gratitude Garden, Lake County Captains Children’s Garden, and five rooftop gardens.

Physician Pavilion: A four-story, 100,000 square feet physician pavilion adjacent to TriPoint Medical Center offers unique services and will bring physicians closer to patients. The building’s first and second floors are home to the Wellness Institute and Center for Integrative Medicine, Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Community Health Center, the Lake Health Resource Center/Medical Library, a conference center and Lake Health offices. The third and fourth floors are home to physician offices.

Environmentally Friendly Design: TriPoint’s unique healing environment is also environmentally sensitive. High-efficiency lighting controls and HVAC create a smaller energy footprint. The entire site preserves as much of its natural woodland and ecological diversity as possible, including restored wetlands and streams, providing a far less stressful setting for patients, visitors and staff.

Pebble Project Partner: With a unique design that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings, TriPoint Medical Center was named a partner in the Pebble Project, a joint research effort between The Center for Health Design and various health care organizations committed to improving the patient care environment. One of only 42 projects nationwide to earn this distinction, TriPoint exemplifies the correlation between facility design and improved quality of care. For Pebble Project partners, this has translated to increased patient satisfaction, fewer infections, decreased patient transfers and reduced staff turnover.

TriPoint Team Members: TriPoint employs approximately 825 people, who comprise the hospital’s clinical and support staff.


*Provider-based facility

TriPoint Medical Center

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